About Anuja

Routine cooking hasn’t been my forte.  I remember when my mom used to ask me to learn cooking, I would refuse every time. Then after getting married I moved to UK with my husband, Sunil. Now this was the time to try out various techniques of cooking. I started liking the art as I could try my hands on various styles of cooking. Moreover, there were so many different types of ingredients which I could use. There were cheeses, various sauces, meats, frozen food, various herbs et al. I started spending hours in supermarket to understand the use of each one of them. I would read every single line written on package to understand how and when an ingredient can be used.

I liked watching the Program ‘Ready Steady Cook’ on BBC which used to be aired at 4 in the evening. No matter where I was, I would make sure that I reach home before the program would start.

What I liked most about the program was that it developed creativity in me. Contestants use to bring ingredients under 5 pounds, and the Masterchef’s in each team had to create something out of those odd ingredients.

I started doing similar things at home. I experimented and created my own recipes. I still do the same, I open my refrigerator, whatever ingredients I have I try to use those and create something interesting and new for my kids every day.

I have lived in Sri Lanka for 12 years. I learnt a very different approach towards cooking and food in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan cuisine is great combination of outburst of aromatic spices mellowed down by coconut milk.

Whenever and wherever possible I mix the western and exotic ingredients and create fusion food. If I feel like having grilled fish, I sprinkle it with a bit of Jaffna curry powder and with hint of butter on top I grill it with a twist.

I have traveled extensively all over Europe – Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, UK, and Spain to US and Canada in West to Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka in South East Asia. I have always loved to try various cuisines and then created the dishes at home.

I love to cook all sorts of food from Chinese, Thai to Italian, French, Lebanese, Mediterranean, Mexican and of course all sorts of Indian food i.e Kebabs, Biryanis, Rajasthani – ‘Dal – baati – choorma’, South Indian etc.

I would like you to join me on this journey of creating flavors from world over in the comfort of your own kitchen for you and your loved ones!